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Where ever possible, we use Organic and Fairly Traded ingredients

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 Fairly Traded and Organic Coffee Beans - 1lb bags
To preserve the optimum in freshness, we sell our coffee as whole beans in a heat sealed bag.

Learn how to make a fine cup of coffee here!

Organic and Fairly Traded Espresso Espresso Bar
This premium aromatic blend is full bodied and creates a rich creamy espresso, perfect for specialty drinks

Decafinated Bold Premium Dark Roast
A most exquisite coffee, this is a bold, fragrant and flowery single origin bean which is set apart from any other bean you will encounter. Its rich flavour has been compared to that of burgundy wine. 

Organic Medium Roast Medium Roast  
This is a smooth single orgin coffee that grows beneath the soft shade of native-species trees and is nourished by the region's own natural nutrients. This growing method preserves native flora and fauna, ensuring pure supplies of water and fertile soils for future generations of small-scale farmers.

Organic Medium Roast Organic Dark Decaf 
Naturally processed Sumatran Swiss Water decaf. Full-bodied, dark and delicious.

Cocoa Camino Cocoa Powder Cocoa Camino
100% Cocoa Powder

This fabulous cocoa is made with certified fair trade, organic, and kosher cocoa. It’s delicious for making your own hot chocolate and baking!

Click to see our recipe to make Organic Hot Chocolate


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