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                               How to make Cocoa Camino Organic Hot Chocolate

  1. Get a mug. It is traditional that cocoa is drunk from a mug but a cup will do if that's all you have. You need to know the capacity of the mug. Most are 10 oz. but some are 8 and some more than 10.
  2. Put one to two teaspoons of sugar in the mug (control your own sugar or sweetening option).
  3. Measure out one to two rounded teaspoons of Cocoa Camino Organic cocoa powder and put it in the mug.
  4. Add two to three teaspoons of water. The next step is what paint chemists call "wetting out the pigment." Stir the sugar, water and cocoa until the cocoa is completely wetted out. You can tell this by the appearance of the surface. If it is reflective, you have wetted out the cocoa. If it is not, you need to stir more and possibly add a few more drops of water.
  5. Add about one inch of milk and stir to completely mix your cocoa paste and milk. Fill the rest of the mug with milk, up to about 1/2 an inch off the top. The mix will expand about 5% on heating, so don't over-fill.
  6. Put the mug in the microwave. For an 8 oz cup, heat (on highest setting) for one minute, 45 seconds. For a 10 oz cup, heat 2 minutes, 10 seconds.
  7. Watch the cup for the last 20 seconds. For some reason, the cocoa tends to foam up. Usually this does not happen but, just in case, watch. If it does, open the door and stir. Take out the spoon, close the door and finish heating.
  8. Enjoy!



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